Review: Hanes vs Fruit of the Loom Undershirts

What are undershirts but a fabric boundary between the secretions of the human body and one’s more valuable shirts. For the hirsute and sweat-prone, undershirts provide an invaluable service. Considering the nature of its function, why would one bother investing heavily in designer undershirts? Eventually, the pragmatic find themselves selecting between two major brands: Hanes and Fruit of the Loom.

Let me cut to the chase and tell you the final verdict. Hanes. By a wide margin. After washing and drying, Hanes maintains its collar and its length. Fruit of the Loom shrinks almost far too much to tuck into pants and and its collar does not maintain its shape. Furthermore, while Hanes retains its soft cotton texture, Fruit of the Loom becomes courser in comparison to its original form and to its competitor.

Spare yourself the hesistant deliberation as I’ve done the assessment for you. Buy that 6 pack of Hanes tagless.


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