Windows Mobile 6.1: Changing the System Font & Adding Korean Support

AT&T 8525There are some incredibly complicated instructions on the internet for changing your system font to something pretty — like Segoe UI, the new default font in Microsoft Vista. There are similarly complicated instructions for adding Korean language support to your WM6 device as well. After a few hours of tinkering, these are the only modifications you need to accomplish the following:

1) Change the system font to Segoe UI. 2) Support the reading of Korean filenames using the Malgun font.

.Reg File Based Installation

One of the readers of this article, Dragon042, was kind enough to create a .reg file which automatically makes the registry changes I’ve documented in this article for Korean support using XP fonts. Download here. Copy gulim.ttc into your Windows folder and run the .reg file.

Instructions for Windows Vista Fonts:

Copy segoeui.ttf, segoeuib.ttf, and malgun.ttf to the Windows folder of your Windows Mobile 6 device. These files can be found in the Windows\Fonts directory of your Vista installation.

Add the following registry keys:

Segoe UI = \windows\malgun.ttf,Malgun Gothic
Tahoma = \windows\malgun.ttf,Malgun Gothic

*Note that there are no quotation marks used anywhere.

FontLinkMethods = 1

Nm = Segoe UI

Tahoma = Segoe UI

Use the below instructions to accomplish the following: 1) Keep the default font to Tahoma. 2) Support the reading of Korean filenames using the Windows XP Gulim font.

Instructions for Korean Support using only Windows XP Fonts:

Copy gulim.ttc to the Windows folder of your Windows Mobile 6 device. These files can be found in the Windows\Fonts directory of your Windows XP installation.

Add the following registry keys:

Tahoma = \windows\gulim.ttc,Gulim

*Note that there are no quotation marks used anywhere.

FontLinkMethods = 1

Nm = Gulim

Tahoma = Gulim

Perform a soft reboot and you should be all set. If you have problems, make sure that the case and spacing of the keys you entered exactly match the above.


FontLink keys essentially extend a Western/Roman font to include non-Roman fonts. By enabling Font Linking as documented above, you enable WM6 to search for Korean characters in the Segoe UI AND Malgun font sets. Inevitably, the operating system will find the correct Korean characters in Malgun.ttf and render them on your screen. The references below document additional registry keys in WM6, but the instructions above are sufficient.


If you have a HTC Fuze aka Touch Pro and want to enable Korean fonts in TouchFlo, see my directions here.


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  1. 1 tampigns


    I tried to do the same on windows mobile 6 with font from WindowsXP (gulim)
    But it seems it doesn’t work even after a soft reset.
    Do you have any idea on how to do it?
    And what about the input method?


  2. 2 Demosthenes

    Just switch malgun.ttf to gulim.ttc and change all references to Malgun Gothic to Gulim. The font name under the SystemLink and FontAlias registry keys are case sensitive. Make sure to copy the font to the Windows folder and not the Windows\font folder on your mobile device.

  3. 3 Won

    I don’t see FontLink under HKLM/Software/Microsoft


    I have followed some other methods on the web(XDA Developers) w/o much luck. I’m trying to change all system font to Malgun.ttf..

    Having input support would be huge for me. I wonder why Microsoft won’t friggin put in other language support for WM. Even Ipod has it…


  4. 4 Demosthenes

    Hi Won. My complaints exactly. I just wanted my Korean song titles to show up correctly on WM or HTC Audio Manager. If you do not see the FontLink key (or any other registry key), you will have to create it under the appropriate registry path. As for other input options, you may be able to change the keyboard mapping somehow, but I have not researched it.

  5. 5 tampigns

    OK thanx for the answers i will try i put evertything in font file (in fact the matter is i use french ROM so the files names are different -_-;; )
    About the input method i’ve found a free keyboard yesterday then i will try it ;)
    Anyway i guess changing the font will kill all the french specific symbols :-/

  6. 6 hg


    I just wanted to say thank you for your post. It works great and I love it.

  7. 7 hg

    I have a question though, The Korean displays fine in the file however does not encode in media player. Do you have any idea how to fix it?


  8. 8 Demosthenes

    What do you mean by “does not encode in media player?” Do you mean that Korean text does not show up? After the modifications listed above, when I play Korean mp3’s in media player, all the Hangul shows up correctly in the display, including artist, song name, and album name. I would suggest that you make sure that the metadata itself is encoded correctly.

  9. 9 Alex Lee

    Anyway, thank you for the information.. I followed your instruction on my Blackjack II (WM6 device).
    I can see korea file names.. however, when I tried to go to Korean websites or read Korean e-mails,
    it still does not display correctly. (in Media player, Korean songs title does not show up correctly)..
    Similar to what hg has reported I guess.. Maybe there is something else I need to do..
    Are you running WM 6 ? and not 5?
    Will this work only for devices that ues tahoma as the system fonts?

    I feel like I am almost there… (I have been searching and wasted a lot of time before I found your posting..)

    Any thought? anybody??

  10. 10 Sean

    I have window XP. I can’t find the font you are talking about. Is there other fonts I can use? I just got BJII which has WM6. I love to have Korean language support.


  11. 11 Demosthenes

    If all you guys want is Korean support, try the second set of instructions for Korean support using Windows XP fonts.

  12. 12 Christina Kang

    I have bought Palm Treo 500v which runs on WM6 and wanting to have Korean displayed on my Palm.
    I have copied gulim.ttc from windows/fonts on my laptop to WM6 windows folder.
    And…I am stuck now..

    Maybe it is a stupid question, but how do you do the following steps?
    I dont even know where to see to add registry keys…how do you get to this folder on WM6?(not a computer person at all…)

    Add the following registry keys:

    Tahoma = \windows\gulim.ttc,Gulim

    *Note that there are no quotation marks used anywhere.

    FontLinkMethods = 1

    Nm = Gulim

    Tahoma = Gulim


  13. 13 Christina Kang
    If you could help…please add me on your MSN…hehe

  14. 14 Alex Lee

    you will need to get a registry editor.
    you can go to
    and download CeRegEditor

    If you are not sure about it, ask someone to help you because
    if you make a mistake, it can mess up your device..

    by the way, as far as some of the problem I reported earlier,
    I think it has to do with the way the text are encoded.
    This tick handles UTF-8 encoding without any problem, but
    does not know how to handle EUC-KR encoded ones.
    I am not sure, but in my browser, it cannot view Koreans but
    if you go to google search, (since it uses UTF-8 for results),
    I can read Korean.. I am not 100% sure, but after spending
    hours last night (slept at 3 AM), I kind of gave up….(for now).

    good luck.. and if you find a way to do it, let me know..


  15. 15 Christina Kang

    Thanks Alex,
    It was very helpful…:D
    Still it wouldnt display emails and music file names in Korean though…:’(

    I think you are right about that encoding thingy…
    google search is fine with displaying korean, but some other korean websites, (such as, some emails are not….


    I will keep trying, and will let you know if I find a way…
    (If you do it first, let me know!!! hehehe~

    Thanks again!!!


  16. 16 Alex Lee

    Well, you can buy a software called smartCJK.
    I tried it and it was working great.. displays Korean fonts in every application.
    however, it has problem with a software I use at work..and it has problem with LiveSearch.
    so I had to remove it.
    If you don’t need to use liveSearch, give it a try..
    you can go to to download..
    they have a trial software you can download.

    Good luck~

  17. 17 Sean

    Has anyone tried it with BlackJack II? I tried but it is not working.
    I also tried diotek software trial version but doesn’t seem to work.

  18. 18 Alex Lee

    I have blackjack II and tried Diotek’s smartCJK.
    It worked fine except that it was causing another progrm (one that I need for work) to crash.
    so I removed it.
    Then I followed Demosthenes’ direction and made it work but with some limitations..

    1) I can read Korean file names in file explorer..
    2) Can read Korean in some pages (encoded with UTF-8).. but not ones that was encoded in EUC-KR.

    so I am usng Gmail client and it enables me to read all Korean e-mails..

    PS> for web browsing, you can use opera mobile ($25).. not opera mini (free)..

  19. 19 Hank Lee

    okay, so i have no idea what to do, i downloaded the CEReg editor and i have no idea what to do next.

    i’d be more than happy if someone explained to me as you would explain to a 10 year old. lol thankssssss

  20. 20 sean

    Anyone use vzw phone? I know vzw restricts alot from OEM software but I can’t get it to work on q9m. all korean characters are ‘SQUARE’

    More detailed description for newbies would be appreciated too for others who lack in-depth knowledge in registry.

    Thanks inadv

  21. 21 Ronnie


    I search the registry but unfortunately I did not seem to find the [HKLM/Software/Microsoft/FontLink/SystemLink]

    If anyone have any idea, that will be a great help, I am using the HTC-touch WM6 OS

  22. 22 Demosthenes

    Hi Ronnie… if you don’t see the registry key, you may have to create it using a registry editor. Hope that helps.

  23. 23 Gin

    Hi Demosthenes,

    Is it possible to fontlink to 2 additional font?
    for example, i want to display simplified chinese and korean on an english based font..

    Will simply adding the following work?

    Tahoma = \windows\gulim.ttc,Gulim
    Tahoma = \windows\simsun.ttc,simsun

  24. 24 Demosthenes

    Hi Gin,

    I don’t see why not, though I have never tried. Make sure the way you spell simsun is correct from a case perspective, as I believe those values are case-sensitive.


  25. 25 Gin

    Thanks a lot!
    Enjoy the evening =)

  26. 26 Ethan Namkung

    I don’t think I can create a new key at the very top level of registry. It seems any new key will be under one of registry key already in the system like HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT etc… Which one should I choose to create new keys below???

    Thank you in Advance.

    Segoe UI = \windows\malgun.ttf,Malgun Gothic
    Tahoma = \windows\malgun.ttf,Malgun Gothic

    *Note that there are no quotation marks used anywhere.

    FontLinkMethods = 1

    Nm = Segoe UI

    Tahoma = Segoe UI

  27. 27 Demosthenes

    HKLM is an abbreviation for HKey Local Machine. So, you shouldn’t be appending to the top level. Hope that helps!

  28. 28 Chang

    I did exactly you explained using both Vista fonts and XP font, and nether method worked on my BlackJack II.

    Not sure what I did wrong or if what you have here doesn’t work on my device. Am I missing something?

    Oh, one thing I noticed was that my Outlook contact with Korean name changed from boxes to question mark, but all other things such as music file names on my microSD card all show letters as square boxes.

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

  29. 29 Dennis


    What registry do i have to do this? On my Desktop or on my Phone?

    sorry for the stupid question. i just want to make sure. i dont want to mess up my registry thats all..


  30. 30 Demosthenes

    Hi Dennis,

    Update the registry on the phone using something like Resco Registry Editor or PHM Registry Editor. Good luck.


  31. 31 KI

    hi! I tried to create FontLink key, however, there is error messaage such as “Access is denied” using CeRegistry Editor. Can you help me how to add the key

  32. 32 Demosthenes


    Try using a registry editor from your Windows Mobile device like PHM Registry Editor.


  33. 33 KIA

    I used CEReg editor; however, how do I put the values after I found directories?

    There are four “New”;
    do I have to use “String value?”

    For example,if I have Segoe “UI = \windows\malgun.ttf,Malgun Gothic”
    do I have to put “Segoe UI” in the name part and “\windows\malgun.ttf,Malgun Gothic”
    in the data part? (blank under the name part)

  34. 34 Demosthenes

    Yes KIA, you are correct. Use string values with Segoe UI as the name and the \windows\malgun.ttf,Malgun Gothic as the value.

    For numerical values, do not use string. Use dword.


  35. 35 KIA

    Oh, that’s what I did wrong!
    I used string for numerical value.

    Two more questions

    1) Is it normal that gulim.ttc’s size is large (Over 12 MB and that is large for PPC’s main memory.)

    2) If I want to see Chinese words (sometimes Korean writing has chinese letters), which font should I get? and do I just add the same registry like Korean fonts?)


  36. 36 Demosthenes

    Yes, most of the Korean font files are large because they contain not only Korean, but Chinese, and English fonts. So, the Korean fonts should include Chinese characters as well.


  37. 37 KIA

    I sucessfully added Korean support; nevertheless, I still can’t read Korean fonts in the website (IE). Do you have any solution for my problem?

  38. 38 KIA

    malgun.ttf’s size is 4.13MB, but it doesn’t display Chinese words. Therefore, I tried Gulim, and it doesn’t even display Koreans correctly. I don’t know what I did wrong!

    Do you have to use “Stiring value” for “Nm = Gulim?” Other values in the same directory are dword for this one.

    Is there any other method to get Korean support?

    How about Korean input? Do you use any third party software?

    I hope Diotek had software like Diopen 6.0 for qwerty keyboard nontouch smartphone.
    I would buy SmartCJK if it supported Korean input; however, it doesn’t.

  39. 39 Demosthenes

    Korean does not render in Pocket Internet Explorer. Try using another web browser, like Skyfire or Opera Mobile. The instructions above give you the ability to see Korean file names in the operating system, i.e. folders and file names.


  40. 40 KIA

    I’m working on second one because the first one does not display chinese letters.

    It still doesn’t display Korean fonts correctly; it only shows blanks.

    I rechecked every registry values; however, nothing seems to be wrong.
    I don’t know why second does not work when first one worked.

    Where did you get “gulim.ttc” from? I have Korean ver. Windows XP SP2, and I got the font file from it.

    gulim.ttc shows “True Type Collection Font File.”

  41. 41 KIA

    I downloaded Korean Font cab file from this website:
    And, after a soft reset, it works fine.

  42. 42 Keith

    Thanks you so much for the information.
    I followed the direction from Demosthenes and it works.
    FYI, I am using Motorola Q9h with Window Mobile 6.
    I used the gulim.ttc from my Windows XP installation.
    No additional font needed, just gulim.ttc and PHM Registry Editor.


  43. 43 Andrew Yu

    This is just a side comment, but I thought I should point this out. As someone who deals with dozens of different mobile devices at MIT, I’ve tried reading/writing in Korean on pretty much everything.

    The best is the iPhone. All other mobile platform users wanting Korean (also Japanese and Chinese) will suffer greatly, unless Korean is built-in. (WinMo devices sold in Korea, of course work just fine).

    Over the past ten yeats, I dealt with all of the major carriers, software companies (incld Microsoft), and manufactures, and it’s very frustrating how we are powerless in getting these guys to put support for Korean in. With the exeption of Apple, and possibly Research In Motion with OS 4.5 (no one else really cares).

    Bottom line, if you really need to use Korean for web browsing (and searching), email, and even text messaging (to other iPhone users only), get an iPhone and you will be so much happier.

    I have a number of Korean grandmothers and grandfathers in Boston enjoying this newfound joy in using Korean flawlessly on the iPhone.

  44. 44 Demosthenes

    I would concur that the iPhone is probably the best device out there for Asian language support. My fiance has an iPhone and Apple’s excellent treatment of foreign language input is quite evident. Unfortunately, more than just language support drives phone selection.

    The reasons why I personally stick with Windows Mobile are my medical software, the plethora of applications out there, hackability, Orb streaming, QWERTY keyboards, and extended batteries. And, my 8525 can generally do everything the iPhone can do… though probably not in as sexy a manner. Of course, if you’re looking to edit a registry, you’re probably not so fixated on sexy anyways.

    My next phone will either be the HTC Touch Pro or the HTC Dream Google phone. Definitely not the iPhone in this incarnation. Its simply too closed a platform with poor battery life. And the keyboard? No amount of intelligent guessing is going to recognize medical lingo on that crap-tastic on-screen keyboard.

  45. 45 ..

    Thanks KIA,

    Korean Font cab file from this website:, works for me too.

    My device is T-mobile Dash Windows Mobile 6 version.

  46. 46 soong

    I really enjoyed all you guys discussion here and will do the same soon as my new blackjack will arrive in next week.
    one question for all you guys… will it works if I buy phone (maybe blackjack III) in Korea, and bring it here US and get service here? I’m pretty sure it will handle Korean flawless. Pls give me advise if any…
    I already check Samsung Korea but they are not so cooperative for this kind of question.


  47. 47 Peter

    Thanks Demosthenes!

    Now all the mp3 files show correctly as korean;however, I was actually looking for a way to read my e-mail in korean.
    Even after registry changes as you suggested, e-mail that contains korean characters displays it weirdly.
    What else do I need to change?

    Thanks in advance.

    FYI, I am using HTC Touch with WM6.

  48. 48 Demosthenes

    Hi Peter,

    E-mail in Korean is a problem. As far as I know, you can’t read Korean with the default email client. Try FlexMail 4.


  49. 49 Stephen

    Demosthenes -

    Thanks for posting this. I have tried numerous registry edits from other sites and yours is the only one that has worked for me. I am now able to read chinese characters in my email and SMS on WM 6.1. I just replaced the Korean font you listed with SimSun.

  50. 50 jay

    I’ve tried everything but it just changed the look of fonts but I still can’t see korean fonts.
    I have Windows Vista home edition.
    please help me out

  51. 51 Dragon042

    Oh Wow!

    Thank you SO much for posting this!

    I’m finally able to have Korean font support on my Windows Mobile device. I’ve been looking everywhere for this. I’ve tried Diotek’s Diopen software, which worked perfectly for reading/writing Korean on my WM6 device, but alas, I did not want to shell out $20 just to read Korean.

    Thank you so much for posting this method! It works great!

    If you can, do you think you can make a simple .reg file for the future, so all people need to do is to Copy gulim.ttf into their \windows folder, and then run the .reg file? I think a lot of people will appreciate that. =D

    Once again, thank you SO much!!!!

  52. 52 Dragon042

    I made a registry file to automate the registry editing process to add Korean support.

    Make sure you first have a registry editing program installed on your Windows Mobile Device. I recommend Resco’s Registry Editor.
    Then copy the .reg file to your device, and run it. Be sure to have first copied gulim.ttc onto your Windows folder on your device.

    And that should do it!

    Good luck!

  53. 53 Dragon042

    Whoops, forgot the link to the reg file itself.

    Here you go:

  54. 54 Demosthenes

    Hi Dragon,

    Thanks for making a .reg file. I had been meaning to create one for a while, but it was always on the back burner. If you don’t mind, I’ll post the link to your reg file on the main page.

  55. 55 Lizzy

    Do you need to keep the resco’s registry editor??
    it has a 7 day trial limit
    and do not want to pay to read korean

  56. 56 Lizzy

    i downloaded the resco’s explorer, added the gulim font in my phone
    and opened up the koreanfontsupport in my phone
    and a popup says:
    RESCO Registry module not found


  57. 57 Demosthenes

    Instead of Resco, download and install Dotfred’s Task Manager which comes with a Registry Editor.

  58. 58 ACHlLLES

    Works on HTC Touch PRO (SPRINT), but font size seems smaller than it used to be.


  59. 59 Stephen

    Is there any way to leave the font file on my storage card instead of the windows directory? The file is fairly large, and I am running out of storage space on my phone.

  60. 60 ACHlLLES

    Stuff like this should be in Windows. Move the other garbages to the storage.

  61. 61 john

    i have htc touch diamond but the method does not work.

    i used registry files that you uploaded and put them in to windows file and run the .reg

    but it did not work at all.

  62. 62 Demosthenes

    What didn’t work? You need to be more specific. The HTC Touch Diamond, like the HTC Fuze (Touch Pro), uses the TouchFlo3D user interface by default. If you’re looking to enable Korean fonts in the TouchFlo3D interface, see the last link in the post. If you are saying that Korean support wasn’t enabled in the native Windows Mobile operating system, then try manually editing the registry as documented above.

  63. 63 john




  64. 64 Bob

    Yea! thank you. here is Korean font. It works well~

  65. 65 jojo

    wow this is great it deff works
    but does anyone know how you can type in korean?
    i saw a post about the iphone but thats apple and apple has the thing were you can switch keyboards from english to korean and vise versa, which is pretty cool

  66. 66 Tylwith

    HI, thanks for the explanation. It worked very well on xperia x1 with touchflo 3D

  67. 67 Dan

    Hi, I have a Samsung Omnia. I know lot of people rate quite low on it b ut I like the fonts.
    Can you help me get korean language on my Samsung Omnia i910?


  68. 68 Bob
  69. 69 Dan

    Thanks, Bob. Partially it worked, but that korean font was for a previous Windows Mobile and would not work properly. I do not see everything in Korean but I am happy.
    I wish I could have the latest OS for Korean fonts for Samsung Omnia i910.
    Thank You Bob!

  70. 70 Mark

    Thanks, Demosthenes
    It worked for me, but after many many tries.
    Because my vista have the font names all in caps!!!! when I copied them over to my Sprint HTC Touch Pro the files were all in cap.
    Once i changed the names to lower case it worked!

    Can you please add a note that the fonts names are case sensitive for people like me?

    You have this note
    “If you have problems, make sure that the case and spacing of the keys you entered exactly match the above.”

    but it does not tell that the files names must match exactly as the ones in registry.
    Well I was confused.

    Thank you very much!

    Now I can sleep.

  71. 71 Bob

    [Updated] The careace changed Korean font download links and cab file supporting Omnia as well.

  72. 72 G

    Thank you so much!!!
    works good on my samsung omnia!!!

  73. 73 Demosthenes

    Glad to hear it!

  74. 74 Ty Oh

    Worked great!
    Thank you.

    Windows XP font.

  75. 75 james


    first of all i am an absolute beginner to this so please excuse my stupidity.
    now, i have the HTC Cruise (P3650) running WinMo 6.1 and ive got my gulim.ttc and korean_font reg file.
    I have looked into every path and folder on my HTC and i cannot find the “Windows” folder for which i have to copy the font file and run the reg file on.
    please please help me!
    thanks in advance!

  76. 76 john park

    Hi, Thanks for listing a great post~!

    I hab one question though… if anyone has Samsung i670 via verizon. Windows Mobile 6. I have gone through all the steps shown above in the USING ONLY XP font. I figure some korean fonts started to appear in the windows media player web browser (not all) . But i still see fonts in the explorer as squares.. why is this does anyone know?? Should i try omnia thing thats shown above? Thank you all.

  77. 77 Demosthenes

    James, you cannot browse your phone’s operating system by connecting it to your computer. Rather, you need to copy the files over to a temporary location (most logical place would be your memory card) and then use a file browser (google search Total Commander) on your phone to copy it to the right location.

    John, if Korean fonts have started appears, that means you’ve done things correct. Its likely that your problem is that your MP3 metadata is not encoded properly. Try opening your MP3’s on your computer and checking to see if they render Korean properly. Also, make sure to do a soft reboot.

    Good luck.

  1. 1 Windows Mobile 6.1: Adding Korean Support To the HTC Fuze (Touch Pro) at

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