I Hate the AT&T Network

Truly. I’ve sat down next to people with full 3G signals and looked down at my phone to see minimal EDGE. I’ve dropped calls left and right even with full signal. I’m so sick and tired of it. I once vowed never again to use Verizon because they love to cripple phone functionality and nickel and dime you. But, I’m starting to reconsider. Why do our choices suck so much in this country?

The 3 Words I Hate To Hear The Most This Year

No hablo ingles.

Ownership to Employee Inventions When There Is No Written Agreement

Source: International Legal Strategy Vol XI-11 (November 2002)
Author: Kenneth J. Rose, Esq

As a general proposition, there is no rule in the U.S. that an employee must assign his rights in his inventions to his employer. In the case where there is no valid written agreement that requires the employee to assign ownership of the invention to the Company, the controlling law is the common law of the State where the employment occurred. Although the applicable law might vary in some respect from State to State, three general common law principles apply to most employment relationships in the United States, to wit.

1. If an employee is not hired specifically for the purpose of inventing anything, then the employee will have ownership and patent rights of whatever he may invent during the course of his employment. This general rule applies even if the invention is related to the Company’s business. In Banner Metals, Inc. v. Lockwood, 178 Cal. App. 2d 643 (1960), the defendant Lockwood formerly was employed by the plaintiff corporation in a general capacity and not specifically to perform service of an inventive nature. The California Court of Appeal held: “[I]t is well settles that one, by merely entering an employment requiring the performance of services of a non-inventive nature, does not lose his rights to any invention that he may make during the employment, although the employment may have furnished him the opportunity or occasion for the conception of an idea which may lead to a patent, and the rendition of services in the course of his employment may have so enhanced his mechanical skill, scientific knowledge and inventive faculties as to enable him to develop and perfect the idea into a patentable article; this is true even if the patent is for an improvement upon a device or process used by the Company or is of such great practical value as to supersede the devices or processes with which the employee became familiar during his employment. Id. at 654.”

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2009 Mercedes ML350 COMAND & Navigation System

Retarded. I’m not sure what German dolt designed or approved the interface but it has to be the stupidest implementation of a navigation system that I’ve ever seen.

Ridiculously retarded. Have you ever tried to enter your billing address on a game console using the arrow buttons? Have you ever sat and scrolled to the letter F, then scrolled across the alphabet to U, then scrolled back the letter C? Yeah, right? Now, imagine entering in multi-line address in slow motion using this horrific system. You can also use the keypad next to the screen. You press the number 3 three times until you get an F. Then there is a long pause as the system registers that, indeed, you do want the letter F. Then you press the number 8 twice and you pause again while the system recognizes that you will not be pressing the number 8 again and do, in fact, want the letter U. In about two minutes, you’ve just gotten to FU.

Absolutely retarded. As for the navigation system itself, my wife laments that it doesn’t tell you the side of the road on which your final destination lies. Does she stay in the middle lane, the right lane, or the left lane? How can you neglect to put in so simple a feature. If she actually knew the location of the frakking destination, she wouldn’t be using the stupid navigation system. Instead, she often has to do a U-turn or come around the block after the navigation system has already turned off, having merely guided her to an indefinite location at or about her final destination. It frustrates me as well.

Unfathomably retarded. We’ve even talked about purchasing a third party GPS to install in our freaking luxury SUV which came with an expensive navigation system. That should say something. Suffice it to say, the next car we buy will be Japanese. At least the Asians know how to build for a target audience. Look at all the stupid user interfaces across German automobiles. Jesus Christ, just put a god damn touch screen in the double din instead of wasting any more time and resources to further developing the stupid knobs, keypads and other joysticks waiting to frustrate a driver in these German cars.

Review: Hanes vs Fruit of the Loom Undershirts

What are undershirts but a fabric boundary between the secretions of the human body and one’s more valuable shirts. For the hirsute and sweat-prone, undershirts provide an invaluable service. Considering the nature of its function, why would one bother investing heavily in designer undershirts? Eventually, the pragmatic find themselves selecting between two major brands: Hanes and Fruit of the Loom.

Let me cut to the chase and tell you the final verdict. Hanes. By a wide margin. After washing and drying, Hanes maintains its collar and its length. Fruit of the Loom shrinks almost far too much to tuck into pants and and its collar does not maintain its shape. Furthermore, while Hanes retains its soft cotton texture, Fruit of the Loom becomes courser in comparison to its original form and to its competitor.

Spare yourself the hesistant deliberation as I’ve done the assessment for you. Buy that 6 pack of Hanes tagless.